Tuesday, June 21, 2011

No Place Like home

Wow today was one of those days..Driving for hours to assist children to permanency, that's my role, that's my job. I often wonder what people who are not in my line of work think when they see me with a child who obviously is not my biological and they are treating me as their parent. The stares, questions, and comments I receive are so weird, intrusive and outright rude sometimes; but the children and I seem to address them and move on.  

Foster care is one of those necessary evils I would say. It's important to protect our children from harms way, but it also traumatizes the child that being removed from the environment they are currently in. I have witness the horror the children feel/expressed but also witness the comfort they feel/express as well when placed in a safe secure home environment where they are treated like children and allowed to express themselves. Not all homes are the best but as one of my children informed me today. There is no place like home. We often try and allow the children to bring something with them to remind them of home a toy, picture or favorite item, but this does not always happen.

So today I ask. If you had to go live somewhere else by force, you had to go now, what one thing would you take? 


April Groves said...

Wow...I have never thought about it like that...I can't even think of what I would take over the heartbreak of all I would have to leave.

Thank you for reminding me that you and your children need special prayers and protection.

Best to you toady...

Cat said...

WOW...my camera, maybe my ipod, wait my phone. dang. decisions. I feel for the kids, I know too well what its like. Some of my cousins experienced leaving home and some never came back. We speak of them at Christmas and other holidays, wondering what ever happened to them. I recently found one via facebook and still waiting for a reply to my message. I really dont't know what i would take out of those 3 things.

Sagittarian said...

Hi..I can't imagine what to bring on that time.. but if ever, maybe i'll just have all the good memories and keep it inside my heart.. You are a great blogger, and those children are very lucky to have someone like you even they are not really yours.. Keep it up James!

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