Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pretending..Anyone want Sunday Dinner?

Today's Sunday and today's my day to cook dinner. Well, the wife and I try to swap days and to share in the responsibility of household chores, but sometimes she have to cover for me if the job keeps me past dinner time, but be sure she have me make up my missed cook day. Today will be a soulful, calorie pack dinner. Turnip greens (seasoned with the "seasoning meat" as my mother calls it-using smoked pork today), white rice, a baked pork shoulder and apple pie. I know the weightwatcher would blow all their points for probably two days, but hey- I had this taste for it-and since mom is not here to cook. I'll do it myself.

I quite enjoy cooking and wanted to be a Master Chef as my dad calls it, "since his father was a master chef-for a restaurant here back in town in the late 60's and everybody in town would order that Woody's Fried Chicken." So it inspired me to want to be chef. I'm not one yet but hey, I pretend on my cook days and pretending is good right? It encourages healthy brain development, creative thinking, and encourages imagination and as long as you can separate imaginary from reality you should be good. Well don't know how much my brain can develop at my current age, but I still like to pretend. Especially when playing with the children.

As parents we have to pretend. Pretending when they are little, you will find yourself playing swordfights, monster, little princess, or horsy to name a few; as teenagers you have to pretend to care 'bout what they like, what's in style, or "hot" when you really don't know what they are talking about, pretend not to see and/or hear certain things, to allow for growth and later discussion when appropriate, and even pretend to like their significant/associates and friends. But it doesn't stop just there, when your in a relationship, personal or work, you have to pretend also, to pretend that THAT article of clothing enhances their appearance and pretend that your really care about what your boss or co-workers are saying, their pictures of their children , or their family achievements, just to name a few. So when I truly think about it pretending is a good thing to teach your children and something you will be using until death. What do you think?


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