Sunday, September 4, 2011


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Hmm.. been a wild ride these last few weeks..a long time and  a lot of thoughts I wanted to blog about. Being a four day "weekend," thanks to a furlough day and a holiday connect, I am given the opportunity to blog today. Today I'm blogging about HOPE. Why you may ask? Well through these past few weeks this is what I have noticed was my families, especially the children, form of energy.

I have noticed how HOPE have help them through these long days, nights, and weeks that they have been awaiting the return to norm or a better life. I, myself, often think this was foolish as the expectation for success for some of my families is really slim, more like finding the infamous needle in a hay stack.  Either way, these families do not give up HOPE. They look to me and the agency for HOPE and guidance to achieve their goals.  This can be very draining and I often loose HOPE myself.  I am only human, but often feel that I have to be more. I have to state that I am fortunate to have other people I can draw the energies needed to keep going.

Now as parents, we often get to the point where we are HOPELESS. Things are not going the way we planned, others are trying their best to hold us down,  and all other things seem to get in our way. But remember that there are others really depending on you, looking for you to keep the HOPE and provide for them.  Their smiles, and health is where you have to draw your HOPE from, because things are presented to us as a way to test our resolve-to ensure you are worthy to call yourself a parent, a care giver, or a protector.

No matter what you may feel about the current situation your experiencing at this moment, I want you to remember this:
  1. Your children will always love you-maybe not in the form that you want but they do love you
  2. Any mistakes you make as a parent can be viewed as a lesson for your children-so if you make one. Own It. Address It. And Move On.
  3. Always love yourself so that you can love your children
  4. Remember HOPE. Helping Others Perceive Excellence-So that they an Achieve it.

So keep up the good work and don't forget HOPE