What's a Zayahnism?

(n. Zay-nah-ism:)
  1. Well its defined as a moment when My 5year old girl responds to a life event is a way that causes your neurons to fire rapidly, misfire, or overload. You become filled with a sudden uncontrollable want to either laugh, stare intensely in space or just smile and drool. I have been hearing these since she was age 4 but now since she have been to Pre-K they have increased in the frequency and potency. I will share these as she reveals them.
  2. An answer to a question by a 5yr old that is delivered  in a very blunt matter of fact way

June 13, 2011-(Zanahism)You shouldn't tell on Zaynah or baby sistah will hit you

Situation: Zaynah messing with her older sister , Shayla's DS. Tai tells mom on her. Zaynah have to put DS down. Little baby sister, Jaime (11months old) hits older brother, Tai (10yrs old) with her toy.

Tai: Ow! Stop hitting me, Jaime.

Zaynah: She hitting you because you told on me for messing with Sista' (elder child 13yrs old) DS and she loves me.

Tai: looking bewildered-then laughs

June 14, 2001- (Zanahism) Thou shall not steal because taking without asking make you a "stealer"

Situation: Zaynah found hotel door keycard from a trip we took to Dallas, Texas. She open it and shows to her mother

Zaynah: Ah. (lip smack) Mama why you always stealing (hand on hip)

Mom: (Eyes wide open expression) I didn't steal

Zaynah: (Holding up card) This is stealing

Mom: What else have I stole?

Zaynah: The leaf soap

leaf soap: Toiletry items from the same hotel.


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