Wednesday, June 15, 2011



Today was one of those.. easy days. Not too many calls, attended a All Staff Meeting-were we discuss the upcoming events, updates for each units and the general welfare of everyone in the office. This usually take an hour or two, but usually leaves you feeling pretty good as misery loves company. But also it binds us together like a family-sorta like a big family dinner, but done monthly with "Big Mama" being your director/boss.

After the meeting, I had another meeting to go too. I was selected by the regional director to participate in a focus group, this was a honor to me because as I felt I was a the trouble maker in the company as I speak my mind a little too freely (I've been told) and often is in the spot light. Well this meeting went well also as it always feel good to have someone listen to you and reassure you that your thoughts are just as important (or more important) than the person next to you.

Also I was given the opportunity to hang out (we drove to the site together) with another supervisor and get to know her better. Networking is always good you know. So now I'm home, and awaiting a good meal, spend some time with the family and start my final day tomorrow.


Linda @ USSParenting said...

Visiting from FrogBlog community and joined your blog via GFC. I like your blog name as I am always grateful for people who bring common sense to any discussion. I look forward to getting to know you better through your writings. May you continue to have success throughout your "Good Week".

God Bless!

Daily Success Guide said...

Can you please tell us the secret why every day of your life is great.

J Fullwood said...

@Linda From USSParenting. Thanks for the follow and I will do the same. I feel that that majority things in life can be addressed it if we use a little common sense. People a tendency to make things to complicated. And I know in my field analysis is a keep to getting to the root of the problem, but this will sometime become the problem as the answer is often in front of us but we refuse or can't see it. So I have learned to ask the correct simple questions and it least give me a starting point. Once again thanks for the follow and look forward in your responses

J Fullwood said...

@Daily Success Guide. Secret? Well I wouldn't say that. Its more of an attitude adjustment or as I like to say "what glasses I'm wearing today"(and I have several pair).

In my job , I have noticed that everyone eventually becomes so "jaded" (immediate harsh or negative opinion or perception about a current or familiar situation/person) that it's hard to find the good. I must admit sometime I have been guilty of this way of thinking. As it is easy to feel this way because of all bad the things you hear and see and they happens so often. To negate this, I have learned to step back and look at each case (situation) differently including my own life. To look for the good and dwell on it, use it as my fuel for my daily fire.

I truly believe perception is the key to everything. For if you perceive it, you will believe it and then act on it. Thanks for the visit and I have joined your community. So how do you keep successful in your daily activities? Any pointers?

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