Monday, June 27, 2011

Made in God's Image..So GOD"S A Black Man?


It wasn't till today till I actually thought about the quote "..Made in God's image" to realize..Hey God is Black.  I was reading the question posted on Mckmama  posted by His Treasured Princess and thought well if I'm made in God's image then that makes God black and Jesus as well right? If taken literally it would be yeah, but pretty sure that God's word wasn't meant to be taken literally regarding that verse. I feel that he was letting us know that no matter what we look like we represent him and are made in his likeness. So that we all can now love and worship him because he is the father of us all. Even though he made us different or allow us to be born different he still expect for us to act like him.

I know that Jesus, according to my understanding was a Jew. And hey the area he was from would cause his skin to be dark. So hey maybe Jesus was black? And if he was would that make his sacrifice any less? Some would say yes, some no, and others wouldn't care. I'm only posing a question. Either way his sacrifice was an important step for us all to be allowed into heaven.

Maybe God's a female instead of a male. God could be. We don't really know. Would that make a difference? Would explain the sense of humor and the pain caused during childbirth~" Next time do what I say. If I tell you not to eat something don't eat it."

Honestly I feel that's it's best that we don't know.. I can worship my black God, you can worship your (insert whatever adjective you want) God and if we all do what's asked of us, can go to heaven and enjoy eternity. What do you think?


Sarah Coulsey said...

Stoppin by to say Hi from Take Three Tuesday!!!

(Sorry it took soooo long!!! lol)


kemarias said...

Very interesting perspective about God. Hoping we all see heaven in equality. Blessings James btw: my eyes are getting old. LOL, but your font is kinda small. Like your blog style.

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