Monday, June 13, 2011


Today was a good day in a long line of what I expect to be a good week. I'm going to tackle this week as "My GOOD WEEK". First time in a while in Work Candace (defined as a meeting where they share what you have or have not done to everyone in your region) I did not hear my name. I was glad that this time the focus wasn't on the workers or grunts I like to call them, but on the higher ups or Supies. These times are hard for a lot of workers and overwork and underpaid seems to be today's norm. I hear some complain that they want to recognized for what they have done and I would agree most of the time but not today. Today it does feel good to be forgotten or at least appear indivisible in a room of your peers. To not have your name in the lights. I think I now understand what my teen as "sometime I just want to be left alone." But I will add my twist to this, "to be left alone so I can get my job done without so much interrupts."

Now that I'm home from work, my work will continue and it will still be good. Get to spend some time with my family; listen for some Zaynahism check the tab above and blog. Day one down only three more to go due to the lovely furlough.


LoveFitnessLaugh said...

Oh you gotta go love forloughs!! Go social services!

J Fullwood said...

Yeah! Nothing Like a day off without pay to show how much you care. Will miss them when there gone..=)

Anonymous said...

hithere- newest follower from blog hop! Would love a visit back at

blogger is still not working for my comment profile :0(
back to read your blog!

Anonymous said...

I'm back! just read your about page! Here's to social workers! I am a former social work. I worked with children and adolescents for a large hospital system in the psychiatric ward. The stories, the experiences, the sadness and the hope! I jumped from social work to real estate! Almost the same experiences of emotions!
Best to you! I'm following you!

J Fullwood said...

@anonymous laura..thanks for the follow and will do the same..nice to know fellow social worker ex or not and I bet your job in real estate is just as exciting as mine..

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