Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Well Day 2 of "MY GOOD WEEK". Today, I got to experience what a placement worker (foster care case managers) strive for- the return of children. The return to a home where the parents have matured, learned, and adopted new positive ways in rearing their children. The parents have proven not only to the State, but mainly to themselves and their children that they are able to provide a safe home for them to live in. This process is accomplished through hard work, set goals, court and granted by a judge.

Today would be considered a great day as reunification does not happen often. Usually permanency is accomplished by children being placed with a non-parent (a relative or fictive kin). This occurs because most parents aren't ready for change or their problems are too great to be solve within policy time allotted. For some children, there is not an exit for them as they enter care and remain till 18. And As a worker, these children becomes your children and are often the hardest to rear, as foster care is not design for such a burden. Either way, I had a great day, the children got to stay with their parent and I get to see the results of hard work, dedication, long phone conversation, late nights, tear, laughs and team work.


Daily Success Guide said...

Wow! What a post. Your lucky man-you got all of your days in happiness.

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