Friday, June 10, 2011

Thinking of Others

Ok.. with the last load of clothing in the dryer.. I was recounting my day today and what lesson I could share. Today was a typical day, early morning calls from clients to assist with life lesson or at least how to obtain something they want, getting ready for work with at least one child in a bad mood, and wishing the wife a good day. Arriving at work and watching my internal "to do list" fall apart and only getting maybe one thing done on the list. Well this one thing I got done today gave me my lesson for today.

Consideration. As defined by Consideration is thoughtful or sympathetic regard or respect; thoughtfulness for other.

And this lesson was provided by my client I will call Jerri. How could Jerri provide this lesson for me. Let me explain. Well the client I was serving today requires my assistance with the life lesson of budgeting. Twice a month I go and assist with shopping needs, corrective budgeting, and proper social interactions. I been doing this for quite a while and great progress have been made. Jerri is now to the point of being able to buy items without blowing the budget but still requires a little nudge to move forward so we want spend all day in the store. Although we buy the items on her list (Yes! making a list was a big step) she always bought the same personal items bi-weekly. Now I never could figured out why Jerri would use four sticks of deodorant in two weeks but today she informed me. The conversation was went something like this.

Me: "Ok, now I have to ask. How do you use so many sticks of deodorant without wasting them?"
Jerri : "Well I have to stay smelling fresh Mr. Fullwood."
Me: "I understand that but it isn't very wise to use so much especially as your funds are limited."
Jerri: She looks then say, "Well I'm not the only one using it."
Me: "Huh? Well there are only. "I pause then think about her household and realize that Jerri have been buying deodorant for her entire household and they have been wear all female deodorant.
Me: "Ah now I see, if they need some then you buy what they need. Men require male deodorant as it protects better."
Jerri: "Well I don't know. I'm not a man."
Me: "I know, but I glad to know your thinking about your family while shopping, unlike so many other people I know."

Jerri smile and continued shopping. I have always felt I was a considerate person. I think of others when I make decision and as a parent 95% of the decision I make are in considerate of other. But this noun is not inherited. You don't have a consideration gene-least I couldn't find one when I goggled it. So it have to be taught. I recall my mother always telling me to be considerate of others and this was shown through actions. Like looking out for your siblings and not allowing them to get in trouble or hurt, thinking of others before yourself (sharing was a big thing) but as I look around me with the focus on I instead of we- consideration have diminished. As parents we still need to teach this and inform our children of the importance of being considerate. They live in a world with other people and those other people will be the one to provide services for them. Being considerate goes a long way and often replicates. What do you think?

Little ways to show around the home that your are considerate:
1. Replacing the TP when you use the last
2. Cleaning up behind yourself, especially when someone else is going to use the items
3. Resealing containers fully
4. Replacing items back where you first found them
5. Using manners, Please, Thank You, and Your Welcome goes a long way


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