Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hello? Anyone here..

Wow!! Been a while since I posted here on my Blog and I do miss the freedom, the release and the followers. Well I'm Back again.. and this time...I'm here to stay..

My last post were about common sense parenting-ways to provide care for your children without ending up on a talk show or reality TV (unless your into those), and I plan to continue this approach. This past year have provided me with more experience, more opportunities, and more hardship to deepen my pool of parenting.

My tweenie is now a teen. She is growing quickly and have already tried a few things out (some good, others bad). My son is maturing as well, beating his old man at games and then of course reminding me of this. My middle girl is surprising me everyday in someway and also providing me with a great example of middle child syndrome I have read about. While the baby, will be a year on the 28th and have grew so fast that I have no choice but to feel old. However, I have enjoyed this time and plan to share as much of my life lesson as I can.

Thanks for the love and look forward in learning from you all as well.


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