Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day's Wish List- Things I DO NOT Want for Father's Day

Fathers Day imagesHmm. Well today as we know is Father's Day least in the USA, Canada and the UK. And I blogged about the appreciation of fathers which can be read from by post on April 27, 2010 and I still feel true about it. Take a read and see. But today, I want to know why we celebrate Father's Day. Before I researched it (Google for the Win), I thought it was just another day created by the MAN (corporate greed) to get more money since Mother's Day was a big "cha ching."  However, I found out that it was actually a day to celebrate a dad who reared his six children alone after the mother of the children passed away during childbirth

OK, I must admit I was wrong about the original reason for the celebration.  But I'm sure the MAN have made plenty of "cha ching" with this holiday.

Well in honor of Father's Day I'm gonna put out my list of things/gifts  Father's Do NOT want on Father's Day.
  1. The Infamous Tie- I know your child/children may think they look good or cute.  But the Tie is the equivalent to the matching purse or hat to a females ensemble. It speaks a lot about you and you can only explain some many times why your tie flashes, is too big and resemble a collage of colorful construction paper, glue and glitter.   
  2. Tools For Work That Aren't Discussed-If he ask for the RIDGID 10in 13amp Profession Table saw MODEL R4512 getting him RIDGID 4gallon wet/dry a Shop Vacuum isn't the same. I know the vacuum can be used to suck to fine dust that would come from the table saw but don't be surprised if you get a semi smile receiving the gift.
  3. "You Are the Father" A DNA Test Result-fathering a child is the best time in a males life (the fathering part just joking) But waiting on a result for DNA test, getting it back, and realizing your stuck with her- "the opps I forgot to tell you. I 'm not on the pill " is the worst. Yes, you will love your child and cherish the moments you spend together, but NOT with her. Aww!! Man. This is gonna be a long 18 years.  
  4. A Honey Do-and no I'm not talking about the fruit which I must say are very delicious especially when cold. I'm referring to the Honey Do List that is attached to a gift given. The "Happy Father's Day with a Part two."  It's usually delivered like this "Happy Father's Day. we got you the lawn mower you wanted (pause) now you can cut the grass, trim the hedges, edge the lawn before my mother comes over for your Father's Day dinner.
  5. A Dear John Letter-Wouldn't that suck. You come home from work and there is a note telling you she gone, taking the kids, plus she'll see you in court cause she wants half. Well least she cooked dinner before she left.
  6. A Summons for Court-Well no one really like to go to court, well maybe lawyers and such, but no father wants that summons for court for Father's Day. There is  no better way to spend quality time with your family (wanted or not) then to go to court for/with them.  It's Like saying, "Happy Father's day and oh yeah. Pay your child support."

Well these area  few of my Un-wanted  Father's Day Gifts and I'm sure there are more that could be added. So What would you add?
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may said...

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Mrs. E said...

Nice blog. Thank you for stopping by & following. Have a wonderful afternoon. :)

Cori Beach said...

Thanks for stopping by and following :) I am following you now as well. These are pretty funny gifts :) My hubby always says not to buy him ties too! ha.

Luana said...

I have the hardest time trying to find gifts for my husband, thankfully I didn't get him anything that was on your list! LOL

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