Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Feelings on Father hood

Today I would like to state my feelings on being a father. With another child soon to be here, the doom and gloom guys have appeared once again on my shoulders. You know the guys who tell you how things aren't going to work out and how bad things will be or any other negative idea they can think of to keep you down. Well, as they sit on my shoulders arguing on how much sleep or lack of I'm going to receive with the new baby, I'm thinking about being a father.

I must say I'm lucky to have wife who love me enough to bare three of my kids so far, each getting here in their own unique way, but that's another story. And though she feels I'm not the most sympathetic person, as I don't do everything" she wants me to do for her during these months of "baby cooking," I must say that I do love being a father.

Besides getting the "child choice" ties on father day, I love the opportunity to watch my offspring grow. To see the fruits of my labor develop into this unique individual, while knowing half of those chromosomes are mine-and it's my good ones that are doing all the work (joke). But besides those perk, I do realize it's hard being a father. As such a large number of familes now are only single parents familes and majority of those homes are fatherless. A father is a precious thing, I know this, and that is why I do my best to spend time with my children, each giving them the a little of me each time. Whether it is a story, a game, scolding if there misbehaving, or laughter when they are feeling down. I'm silly on purpose, chasing them around and let them beat me up least until I get too tired or the accidently hit below the belt. I enjoy hearing their successes and it saddens me of their failures. But I try to encourage them to keep their head up and keep trying. As my belief is like my mothers, "as long as your doing your very best, and I know you during your very best, I proud regardless of the result." I'm made the disciplinarian so I know my children won't tell me everything, even if I want to, but that's ok too. Because I know the fear they have now, will graduate into respect later as I continue to treat them with love, compassion, and understanding while meeting their basic needs. Fatherhood is something I am learning and will continue to learn. It's not an automatic, instinctual thing you feel or that awakens, You have to learn, make mistakes (pray none of them get you on Oprah or Dr Phil) and continue to do you best. But when it's all said and done, I want to be able to look back and say "I did good, and they are alright".

So to all the dad or mom who read this blog, thank your dad, stepdad, uncle, granddad, or any male role model who was there for you. and If you didn't have one, become that dad you wanted as a kid.


Anonymous said...

How was the experience with your first child? any fears?

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